Hot Chocolate Drink (x7)

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High protein (energy intake of protein >20%).

Serving Size: 1 packet (26,5 g)
7 Servings Per Box.

Net weight: 185,5 g


A warm cup of Dietimeal Hot Chocolate Drink is a source of 18 grams of protein in just 97 calories with only 1,2 g net sugars.


Milk proteins; cocoa powder (soy lecithin) (18,5 %); dried skimmed milk; salt; emulsifier: diglycerids, soy lecithin; flavours (milkgluten); sweetener: aspartam (contains phenylalanine); methionine; anticaking agent: silicium dioxide. Allergens: contains milk, soy and gluten (see in bold). Manufactured in France on equipment that processes egg, mustard, celeryand sulfites.

Directions for use

1/ Empty one packet into a bowl. 2/ Add slowly 220 ml of cold water while stirring with a whisk until well dissolve. 3/ Simmer in a saucepan until the whished temperature and without bring to the boil.
3/ Cook the mix in a micro wave oven until desired temperature is reached. Do not allow to boil.
4/ Serve in a big coffee cup and consume in the 10 followings minutes.

Make sure you drink plenty of liquid every day.
Do not use as a sole source of nutrition.

Nutritional information

Nutritional information 1 serving (26,5 g)
- Energy values kcal : 97
- Energy values kJ    : 412
Fat (g) : 1.4
- of which saturated : 0.8 
Carbohydrate (g) : 2.6
- of which sugars (g) :  1.2 
- of which polyols (g):  0
- of which starch (g) : 1.4 
Fibre (g) : 1.2 
Proteins (g)18
Salt (g): 0.66
Calcium (mg): 252 (31,5% Recommanded Daily Allowance)

Essential Amino Acid Profile, g/100g of protein:
L-isoleucine: 5,88; L-leucine: 10.18; L-lysine: 8.51; L-méthionine + L-cystine: 3.57; L-phénylalanine + L-tyrosine: 10.19; L-thréonine: 4.94; L-tryptophane: 1.40; L-valine: 7.13; Histidine: 2.95.